Schedule: Mon - Sun | 10:00 - 21:00
Kiev, Mishugi str. 3V | Liuteranska str. 21
+38 (067) 000 2075
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The secret research station, called "Asgard", orbits the Earth but the contact has been suddenly lost... A few hours ago a powerful electromagnetic pulse was registered at the "Asgard" after which the station shifted to the fading orbit. The station will enter the Earth's atmosphere in an hour! The fall of this gigantic station on the planet surface will take a heavy toll on humanity. Your anti-crisis team's objective is to reactivate the system functionality to correct orbital pathing. What does this lifeless looking station hide and where its crew has gone? It's up to you to find answers or die in the greatest disaster in the history of mankind.

Game modes: child 10+ and adult
Price from player: from 200 to 300 UAH
Number of players:
Mishugi str. 3V (1-6 people)
Liuteranska str. 21 (1-4 people)
Choose the date and time of the game
* prices are per player
Mishugi str. 3V
Liuteranska str. 21
Rules of the quest
  • The team consists of 2-6 people.
  • No physical force is required to complete the quest.
  • Playing alcohol or drug intoxication is strictly prohibited.
  • Provide a current phone number when booking a game. If the administrator does not call you when booking a game, the reservation will be withdrawn.
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